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Xpost First video compilation....bootleg canyon..what do you guys think?

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Any suggestions? I didn't shoot most of the video, but I welcome tips on cinematography to help make subsequent videos I do shoot better. I just got all the footage from our two trips to Bootleg Canyon so far and have edited them into a short video. Let me know what you like and what you don't. Thanks.
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No Crashes

I would have liked to see some crashes. Also the first down hill was shot from to far. More zoom please. The music got me pumped but not enough action for the music.
Unfortunately, no crashes caught on video. I had some pretty good ones myself, but none on tape.
I'm glad I got to see some of the terrain there as I've been reading about it a lot lately. I thought the riding was uninteresting though, for instance the dabbing, and the pace/action did not match the soundtrack. I like to hear a little of the ride sounds above music.Some helmet cam would be nice? Some edit cuts seemed too quick to get the impact of the bike damage. I realize youre not into x/c, but Pete Fagerlin is a good benchmark in my opinion. Thanks for sharing tho!
nice first time, but i second that recommendation on looking at some of Pete Fagerlin's stuff. guy shoots great vids. especially check out his gravity games coverage. i also love how all the big bike, long-travel, armor-clad guys are dabbing and wussing out on the obstacle with the start ramp, but along comes a non-armored, skinny-legged, regular helmet XC rider with a camelbak and clips that rides the section like its a piece of cake. just some subtle irony for you.

keep riding & video-ing
Actually, a little explanation about some of that. About half of those guys in the videos were XC guys, usually used to sporting the lycra and clips. The ones that looked unsure, were a little unsure. That video from the top was actually from the very first run of the first trip and they weren't riding their own bikes. I have to give props to the guys that came out because there are a lot of sections that are downright intimidating. That and some guys are just better than others. You wear armor at bootleg because the punishment factor of going down is high and it gives you a little piece of mind. It is a place you have to see for yourself and ride. I guarantee it would scare the crap out of a majority of riders. There are places that are challenging to even walk. The part that you see in the beginning of the three different riders doing the tight, all rock section, is crazy steep. I watched some of the Fagerlin videos and they are good, but I work with what I got. All of the footage is from guys in our group for us to remember the trips that we take. It is a lot easier to make jawdropping videos when you are taping pro riders. I don't know who exactly he is taping, but they all looked pretty damn skilled to me. I also notice that his later videos look way better than his older ones.

One of the guys that went rides a Blur, but was borrowing a Big Hit. He liked the type of riding so much that he went out an bought a VP-Free. I am sure the footage will get better, because it seems everyone gets a little more bold everytime we ride. At least I know I do. I have only been riding a few months and am already cleaning stuff that scared the crap out of me the first time.

I would like to get a helmet cam because I think helmet footage would add a lot to the video, but alas, that is not even my camera (sucks to be a broke college student). Plus it is nice to be able to film and not stop, get out the camera, film, and put it away. I do ride XC, my Coiler is my one do-it-all bike. Once I get my own camera and helmet cam, I am sure there will be much more footage to work with and videos to come.

I appreciate the comments and hope you guys look forward to future vids.

If you are interested, there are a bunch more pics under the rides section at

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