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XL Frames

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I did a quick search and came up empty. Im looking for pictures of 21" frames. I just ordered a 21" HardRock and now Im wondering if its too big. The biggest bike they had at the LBS where I ordered it was an 19. Im having these images of this huge ass bike once it shows I know it will be bigger, Im just hoping its not going to be a monster! Thanks all.

By the way. Im about 6'3 205 with a 34" leg.
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Your fine

I'm 6 ft with the same leg and ride a Bontrager Race Lite 21. I'd like it a teense smaller but the large (19) feels too small for me. You'll be fine. Have fun.
Look on ebay you'll find photos of 21" frames, here's a couple: example #1 and example #2

Thanks guys. It doesnt look as monstrous as I thought. I just cant wait to get out and ride. Today is the first sunny day in over a week, its rained for 6 straight days. Still waiting for the bike to come in. Hopefully tomorrow. Thanks again!:thumbsup:
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