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XD Driver for Felt DD30

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I'm new to the world of drivers/hubs/etc. I'm wanting to put an XD driver on my 2019 Felt DD30 wheel. I tried a take-off driver from my old Specialized Epic but it doesn't seem to fit. Can anybody point me to the driver I need?

Original driver is a Shimano spline type with three prongs.
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You need to work out what brand of hub is on that wheel to then know what freehub you require. It's likely a Formula.
Pull your cassette off and see if there is some engraving. Like FH-521 or something and a date code. Post it up and let us know.
Ok, I see “17 4” on the free hub body (including the space).
Correction: the original one is 4 prongs. My Epics take off driver is a three prong.
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