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I was talking with a friend of mine at a local trailhead that also owns a chumba XCL, and we noticed that our shock monunts had different shaped links. It would appear that his has more leverage on the shock than mine. Then I came home and noticed that the ones that people have posted on this site also show a range of differences on the rear shock mount. Is one better or worse to have? Is the latest the best leverage rate to have on the XCL? am I missing out on a upgraded part on my 07 XCL?
ALAN, please put my mind at ease. :confused:
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I think yours is the old spec that's shorter travel. I don't know if there's any other real difference.
no, mines the 5" version. . . . .
it seems that the closer the pivot on the shock mount is to the upper pivot on the link the more leverage there is on the compression of the shock, so if themount on the new links are closer to the upper pivot as they appear to be, wouldn't there be more leverage on the shock, and a shorter shock stroke to achieve the same travel at the rear axel as well?
it's not all about how much leverage... it's about the leverage rate...
They vary with frame size.
CHUMBAevo said:
Kev - what size is your XCL?
It's a Small.
Here's a pic of my friends 08 Small XCL... looks like the same one you got...

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mrpercussive said:
Here's a pic of my friends 08 Small XCL... looks like the same one you got...

Wow, well thats a simple explanation. . . .
so smalls have this link and all others have the different link?
I am going to guess that this is because the seat tube is longer on larger frames and you are keeping the shock position the same realtive to the top tube?
I find this very intriguing. . . .
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