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XC717 Disc and Tubeless

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Anyone actually using this rim tubeless with the Stan's strips? Stan's website says standard kit will fit, but the rim strip sure fills up the cavity.

Tell me about your real world experiences.
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I've converted 2 sets of those to tubeless using Stan's and the DT Swiss system. Using Stan's, I was succesful with specific tires. Everything worked with the DT system. IMO the DT system was MUCH easier to convert with. The Stan's sealant, however, is better.
I've got some Stan's strips, and they just seem too wide for the rim, like they would interfere with the tire bead locking on.

Haven't mounted them up yet, they're going on a frame that won't be ready for another month or so.
The rim strips are designed to fit right under the bead lock...the overlap with the tire bead is what prevents burping.

I run ghetto tubeless and it overlaps the bead up and over the bead lock...there are no issues
I converted my 717's with stans rim strips, after a lot of difficulty I found the best way was to really soak the strip - pull it tight all the way round then push in (hard) the loop you have left - then work all the way round with a tyre lever. Its worth taking your time over and making sure its 110% correct otherwise you'll be pulling your tyres on and off (and getting covered in gunk) for along time.

I also found that UST tyres were easier to seat (and worked better) than "standard" ones

Lastly(though not strictly necessary) its probably best to have access to a compressor
I have converted my 717 and others and the Stans work perfect, the strips acts as a seal between the tire's bottom edge and the rubber of the top of the strip and to seal the nipple/spoke holes, you will see when you remove your tire. If your tire is hard to install use the yellow tape that Stans sells because you have made the diameter larger with the strip and the tape is thinner than the rim strip, my advice is to use the yellow tape first before mounting the strip over your thicker rim strip, the hardest part is getting your tire mounted the second is to seal your tire this technic is valuable. Shake and flip shake and flip using soapy water for leak checkin.
I have 717's converted with Stan's. I had the LBS do it since they know the ins and outs and I didn't want to deal with it.

It was only 20 bucks to get it all setup, and now if I buy a tire from the shop they set it up for free.

I have a non UST nevegal on the front and a LUST crossmark on the rear. Haven't been losing air as of late. maybe 2-3 psi every 4-5 days. There was a break in period for the non-ust tire. It took 3-4 weeks of riding for it to stop leaking 4-5 psi every 2-3 days. Now it holds fine. The LUST Crossmark held from the get go.
I have 717's with Schwalbe Super-Moto without tubes. No problems.
Plenty of experience in the posts above mine. I will add to the grist of comments by writing that my recent XC717 conversion was successful.
I converted a XC717 built by Universal Cycles using the ghetto method. A 20 inch tube flayed open plus a Maxxis Crossmark 2.25 (non UST) and some homebrew sealant.
No issues with burping, rolling or that ilk.
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