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XC tire help

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Well right now I am currently saving up for an anthem x2 bike to replace my 4 year old starter bike a fuel ex 70. From my research it appears that the tires that come stock on the anthem x2 are just not up to par for mountain biking. Right now on my fuel ex i just keep replacing the tires that came with the bike but I find them to slip ALOT during high speed cornering. I know tires are very opinion based but if anyone could throw out some solid options for me that would be great. I like to ride fast in all conditions so traction would probably be something more important then other factors for myself. I dont intend to use tubeless. One other thing that is important to me is a tire that can also handle some very rough and rocky trails that are technically challenging. Thank you for any help I can receive.
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tires are very opinion based, and depend on the type of trails you ride. General allround tires i have used with great results are MAxxis Crossmark and Scwable Racing Ralph. These are both good for hard-pack conditions. Specialized roll-x may be a bit better for rocky conditions and the puncture resistance is excellent. IRC Mythos are also a very cheap-very good xc tire. But once again u need to test tyres on your trails and find out what you like. hope this helps.
Your best bet is to talk to the riders on your trails and get an idea of what works in your neighbourhood trail conditions.
Tnx for the advice, I will try talking with locals and just see what tire match my style.
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