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I'm looking for a lightweight, fast rolling tire to use as a Stan's-converted race tire this year. Most of my races are in fairly dry conditions, somewhat rocky trails, a few loose sections here and there.

I ran 2.0 Maxxis LarsenTT's (exception series, converted with Stans) last year and they worked really well 90% of the time. I loved how fast they were, braking performance was sweet, and they were pretty light. I've got some friends running SB8s who say they're light and have similar handling characteristics. I also like the look of the Maxxis Crossmark tires, which are a little heavier but look fast and appear to have better cornering tread.

I'm open to other suggestions as well. Something fast, light, and I'm hoping not to have to change tires too often (except for mud). I haven't been impressed with the Michelin or Conti tires I've tried. Any thoughts?
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