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XC Pro "Test Bike"

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Hey all, new to the sport and website. I looking to pick up a bike and I ran across what looks to be an 06' XC pro on ebay. Interestingly enough, it has 'test bike' stamped on the frame. Anyone know what this is all about? The auction seems a little shady in general, but I'm just curious about the test bike part. Thanks in advance.
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The test bike sticker means at one point it was a test bike at a bicycle shop. A test bike is a bike the bike shop will let potential buyers ride to see if they like the bike, like test driving a car. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it, just that it is used (which you already know)
I wouldn't bid it much higher; the components aren't that great. Test bikes are well maintained by the shops, but who knows who's owned it since then. Makes me wonder how the sellers got it since they don't even know the year. Are they a pawn shop or something?

Interesting color though.
There's nothing wrong with getting a test bike since it is basically identical to a regular model except for the sticker and the color. Some people actually like to buy test bikes because they have unique colors and you can get good deals on them. As long as you know that it has been used, there shouldn't be anything wrong with getting one.
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