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Over the last 12 months a lot of effort has been put in to finding positioning which would not cause my knees issues. The cause was determined tobasically be flexibility, therefore my standard position and geometry is one that looks incredibly 'wrong' to anyone who sees my bikes - the saddle is wedged a long way forward, which results in me being in a position where my weight is centered over the middle of the bike, rather than further back as would be normal. For technical descents this is holding me back significantly. At 5'10 on a medium frame, it results in me looking quite cramped up on the bike, like so:

Currently for XC I'm using a Talon (Singlespeed) and XTC, basically the same geometry, and an Anthem. Without changing riding position (which is the eventual goal), it seems the ideal bike would have a shorter stays (to put weight further back) - unfortunately that wouldn't climb very well (compared to the XTC which climbs like a mountain goat).

The measurements I'm currently using are:
BB to Saddle: 755mm
Saddle tip to BB: 70mm
Saddle top to handlebars: 535mm
(Height: 178cm)

The point of this thread is to ask others what measurements they are using, to get a rough idea of "what's average", and maybe get some other ideas to try over the next few months (if my knees can cope).

I'd also like to see if anyone has any comments about the different properties of bikes with say, steeper head-tube angles, longer (or shorter) wheelbases, or other geometry.

The XTC frame was bought with the intention of never being a long-term frame - cheap and disposable - but I'd like the next one done proper. It may be something mass-produced, it may be custom. That all depends on what information is available.
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