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Manitou's axle to crown lengths are...

lancerracer said:
I am looking at the sid xc and a manitou skareb. Does anybody know, or can measure the axel to crown length on these two forks?
posted right on their website. The measurements for the Axel are between 450mm and 480mm depending on the model. Keep in mind that the Elite and Super are fixed travel models so it would depend on the travel the fork comes set up with. The Platinum has the "Infinite Travel Adjust" feature and will varry between 450 and 470mm depending on where you have the travel set.

As far as the SID goes RS doesn't post that info on their site. So you'll need to measure one or some one will have to measure for you and post it.

Well that's half your question answered anyway!

Good Dirt
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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