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XC (carbon?) riser bar with most sweep?

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I couldn't figure out the best place to put this thread so I dropped it in General...

I currently have a Titec Hellbent XC handlebar and would like to replace it with something that meets the following criteria... the only problem is I haven't been able to find a manufacturer who makes one that does. In particuar, I'm looking for a bar with > 9 degrees of backsweep, which really limits my choices. What do you guys recommend?

sweep: at least 9 degrees back and 3 degrees up (I'd like to try something in the neighborhood of 12-16 degrees)
rise: 1/2 to 1" rise
width: Around 24"-25" (610-635 mm), if its longer then it'll need to be easily cuttable w/ a hacksaw.
size: 25.4 clamp
weight: < 200g, which means getting a carbon bar
bar ends compatible: yes, I use them, so they have to be bar end friendly
price: preferably < $100, or $125 max.

The closest bar I found that meets my requirements is the Syntace Vector Lowrider Carbon, which sells for $185 USD, and requires another $10 for metal bar end reinforcement plugs. Salsa also makes bars with > 9 degrees of backsweep, but nothing that is both lowrise and lightweight.
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