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XC brakes

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i am deciding to buy new xc brakes. Currently i am choosing between sram level tlm and magura trail sport. I am trying to stay away from shimano since i had too much problem with them. Which of those 2 shouls i go for?

thank you
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SRAM uses DOT. Magura trail sport used mineral oil.
I had Level on a Epic, and MT6 on my F-Si. I don't recall having any complaints about them at all.

Current bike came with 9100 XTR and they are absolutely fine to me. I do remember not liking the generation of XTR before that on a demo bike, but these I like.
The Trail Sport is more of a Trail type brake. It's got four piston calipers up front and two out back. You might want to look at the MT8 if you're looking for XC brakes.

Two pot.
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