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x9 rear derailleur: 05 vs 06

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Pricepoint has a goodish deal on 05 x9 rear derailleurs. What is the diff between 05 and 06? Anything that is worth a $20-$25 difference in price?

I could care less about 07, lightweight, carbon, yadda yadda, as this is on my FR bike and derailleurs come and go quickly under this application. :)

thanks guys!

-rob in brooklyn
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I'm in the same boat. I just busted the X.9 on my VPX. I opted for the X.7 for $45 and a NSB Hanger Banger.
i just bought the X.9 off pricepoint. midcage being the key reason i didn't get an X.7.

Don't tell me you found a midcage X.7... ?


Sorry... I got the midcage '05 X.7 off of pricepoint this morning.
blah...i totally missed that on pricepoint. oh well, i guess X.9 will add some middle-class "bling" to my working-class 7point.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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