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slow uphill
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Sorry for the cross post, but I figure this is a clyde friendly bike so I'd share :thumbsup:

also as an update, the Thomson seat post and red Salsa skewers are now on and the first stage of bling is complete. the next stage will probably see the big earl saddle replaced.

From Pivot forum on mtbr:

(Click smaller images below for larger pictures.)

This mega-clyde-sized bike is awesome, and figured I'd share the details with everyone as many of my questions were answered on mtbr. Here's the build :drumroll: :

Mach 429 size XL
Fox F29 and Float RP23
Ergon Grips
Saint Brakes (203mm front rotor, 185mm rear rotor) :eek:
Saint Shifters
Saint Rear Derailleur (mid cage)
XT Front Derailleur
SRAM rear cassette
Race Face Deus XC Crankset
Time ATAC pedals
Ritchey Headset
Thomson Stem (100, 10)
Thomson Seat Post (to replace the Ritchey)
Salsa Skewers (to replace the current ones)
Salsa Gordo Wheels (via Mikesee) :thumbsup:
WTB Stout rear tire (via Mikesee) :D
WTB Prowler front tire (via Mikesee)
Truvativ Stylo Race riser bar
Bontrager Big Earl saddle

final weight - 32.2lbs including pedals

weight savings could be had in:
1. switch the pedals to carbon
2. switch the seat post to carbon
3. switch the riser bar to carbon
4. put on a lighter saddle
5. switch to carbon ergons
but the largest weight savings could be had in the wheelset - I just don't see myself changing it out. I am digging the thick tread.

The massive size of this bike is great for me - I can get significantly more leg extension on this, and the geometry allows me to get up and back much more easily.

While 32.2lbs is not race weight for the normal crowd, it is light for me and I definitely feel like I'm on a race bike - it will work well for epics and 24 hour rides.

Pivot Mach 429

Pivot Mach 429 Front Fork

Pivot Mach 429 Front

Pivot Mach 429 Rear

Pivot Mach 429 Rear Der

Pivot Mach 429 Rear Top View

Mach 429 Trail View

Mach 429 Stem

Mach 429 Seat Post

Mach 429 Rear Tread

Mach 429 Left Pod

Mach 429 Headset

Mach 429 Rear Graphics

Mach 429 Graphics

Mach 429 Gordo

Mach 429 Front Brake

Mach 429 Crankset

Mach 429 Rear Suspension

Mach 429 Rear Shock

Mach 429 Rear Brake

slow uphill
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thanks! :thumbsup:

I'm diggin this ride - I've got about 30 trail miles on it... 3 rides. works like a charm. still tweaking and tuning but this will be a long-term ride for sure.

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How do you like the 429?

Thinking about ordering one tomorrow. How tall are you? I am 6'6" 215lb. I think it will fit.
Any issues?

slow uphill
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I'm 6'8" coming in at about 255. I generally wear a 34" inseam pant... think I measure out at 33", but not sure.

It is a great bike. Very stiff, takes a lot of abuse. I've got a few hundred miles on it now and am really happy. Climbs like a beast in or out of the saddle - I've flipped back on it once but I knew the line I had taken was a bit sketchy. The back just sticks and grinds.

It doesn't stretch you out though like some tall riders I've seen. It keeps you lower, almost "in the cockpit" a bit more.

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I'm only 5'11", so I ride a medium. I'm not the typical 'clydesdale', I only hit 200+ after a big breakfast and a bottle of water, but... I'm a pretty strong guy and can tell you without hesitation that I can not make my 429 flex. What a ridiculously stiff setup, especially for a FS 29er. If there ever was an off the shelf bike that I'd recommend for a big/strong rider, it's the Pivot 429.

FWIW, I've used mine for everything - short track, XC, marathons, Leadville, and 'all mountain' type riding. It just doesn't get any better.
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