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I'm looking for a very important measurement websites don't have listed. If someone would get these 2 measurements for me I'd greatly appreciate it. This is how to measure it.
Do this on a level floor.

1. Drop a string w/ a weight from the middle of your handlebar close to the ground.
2. Measure from the center of the BB to the String.

List what frame sizes you get these measurements from too, please. I'm looking into getting a Sunday myself. The measurements match up to my old bike (medium sgs), but the ETT is 1.5" longer on the small frame! The ETT doesn't mean much to me cause (I'm sure you all know) We're not sitting on the seat... But, the distance We reach while standing does make a difference. I think this should be a new way of measuring a DH and FR top tube. Thoughts? Thanks for the help, Fahn
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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