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I guess this would be my first high country ride of the season.

I have done Keystone Ranch a few times, but not the Soda Creek area. So, it was a partial new ride for me. It was a beautiful morning!

The ride begins with a mix of wider single and doubletrack through some rollers and pine beetle ravaged forests.

Once away from town, things single out a bit.

Time for a short regroup after the first climb.

Nothing like the true meaning of singletrack!

We hit up some Blair Witch. Someone took away most of the logovers! That used to be a real cool section for me since it reminded me of the swooping logover trails in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

There seems to be an endless supply of skinny fun.

After a four mile ride up the dredging road, we stop for a snack before the dreaded West Ridge climb.

And so the pursuit of the Colorado Trail begins.

Only to be followed by a nonstop nine mile downhill back to the start.


Lone Wolf McQuade
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ahhhh, trees!

It was 93 degrees @ 630am in Las Vegas this morning....ewwww! Thanks for the COOL pics ;)

Matt :eek:ut:
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