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X-Post: Help Me Straighten a Bent Cog

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I posted this on Drivetrain four days ago. No bites. Ideas here?

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I had a SRAM 990 11 - 34 cassette that worked flawlessly for me. When I finally had to replace it a few weeks ago I went with an XT cassette 11 - 34 instead, because I thought I wanted the closer gear ratios across the big cogs that SRAM doesn't offer. Mistake. Does not shift as nicely. PLUS, I've already managed to bend the second-largest cog. Anyone have practical first-hand advice about how to straighten one of these? (Note: it's the whole ring that's bent, not just a tooth.) Is there a way to deconstruct the whole thing like you used to be able to do in the ancient pre-cassette days with a freewheel? If I could do that then I feel like I'd have a shot at getting the thing straight.

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id have yer shop call shimano. theyre pretty cool about this stuff sometimes. might not be under warranty but they may save ya some cash. after ya get it done, they should give it a thorough drivetrain tune and a chain check. many times one thing leads to another, if ya follow me.
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