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So I picked up this Bullit frame a while back on a trade, and had it hanging around for too long, so I dropped my extra parts on it along with a 650B wheelset.
I'm digging the bike, with a shorter travel shock, the Fox Pro Pedal really helps the Single Pivot design. My dilemma: The weight.
Now, I know these are just my extra parts, and there really isn't anything fancy- no carbon, no real weight conscious stuffs. So, should I drop some coin into this beast, or sell it off as is and use the funds else where. Currently the shock Shuttle should get replaced and I hate the bland black powdercoat the previous owner chose. Mind you, this frame still used standard dropouts, and I would like to go 142thru on a dually before I get a hardtail utilizing stiffer technologies.
If I were to keep this, it will NEED
  • New Powdercoat
  • updated components
  • shock shuttle
  • decal kit

How it sits now is just too beefy for my local trails, and a bear to push upwards.
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Jeremy, I have an old Bullit and have fantacized about building it up for a back up bike. Do you know what steerer tube size this is and what the head angle is as yours sits now? Also what travel is that fork?
btw, I think it looks great
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