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I've been fortunate enough to ride in many places this year, with the best of friends. This is just a sampling of some of the places, and people I've ridden with. Here's to hoping 2010 is as good as 2009! :thumbsup:


Shiner's Run, Wilkesboro, NC


Dark Mountain, Wilkesboro, NC


Forsythia and bike, Overmountain Victory Trail Wilkesboro, NC


Blue Ridge Parkway to Heartbreak Ridge, Pisgah National Forest near Old Fort, NC


China Creek Trail, Pisgah National Forest NC (Rider: Alex Ryan)


Bird Pooh on my leg, Owl's Roost Trail Greensboro, NC


Creekside Trail near Winter Park, Colorado


West Branch State Park, Ravenna, Ohio (Rider: Heath Brown)


Cedar Rock Trail, Dupont State Forest, NC


Brown County Breakdown, near Nashville, Indiana


The only road riding shot, my friend Erich egging me on, on the road to the mountains.


Looking to the highest point east of the Mississippi, Mt. Mitchell Pisgah National Forest, NC

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Here are 12 months from my archive

January with #1 son on the airstrip in DuPont
Highland Hill Outdoor recreation Grassland Wilderness

February not my kid catching some big air on Burnt Mtn
Natural environment Soil Trail Forest Outdoor recreation

March some techy Pisgah on Buckwheat
Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel Mountain bike Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle fork

April Burnt mtn downhill
Plant community Bicycle frame Mountain bike Trail Soil

May Checkpoint on the PMBAR
Natural environment Recreation Tree Outdoor recreation Helmet

June group trip to Bull Mtn in GA
Tire Wheel Natural environment Bicycle frame Mountain bike

July Squirrel Gap
Vegetation Natural environment Plant Plant community Trail

August roasting gloves on the southern traverse trail in VA
Leg Shorts Outdoor recreation Fire Helmet

September Maida fest in DuPont
Tire Wheel Bicycle wheel Bicycle frame Bicycle tire

October Take a kid mtn biking day
Clothing Social group Community Soil Trail

pronounced may-duh
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froth14 said:
I'm glad I was able to make it to Maida Fest 09...hopefully there will be another in '10?
yep we will do it again in 2010. Once again on Labor Day weekend. Camping at Black Forest. Mega ride at DuPont.


We will be doing a bunch of other camping and riding type trips.

The first will be April 9-11 in Pisgah.

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Who is the fat guy in the July pic?

Mikey's year in review.

I enjoyed meeting and riding with you and a few other Ashevillians this past year. I discovered a few new trails (for me) this past year. I rode Dark Mt./Warrior Creek for the first time, and made my first trips to FATS and Raccoon Mtn.. I rode my first 50 mile race and came in 100th out of 103 finishers. Most people have enough sense to quit after 6 hours, but not me. I think I beat an 80 year old woman on a Huffy. They ran out of beer before I got to the keg. Lots of long rides with Steve Fincher in Dupont. Steve likes to go up the slick rock the hard way after you have about 25 miles in you. Did my 2nd Swank and managed to take 30 minutes off of last year's time.

This year, I really gotta try ORAMM for the first time. I am running out of excuses for not doing it.

Happy New Year!

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I'm a Winter Park local, creepin around to see some Pisgah pics, and was happily surprised to see my favorite slice of Grand County singletrack in your pics. Knew the spot as soon as I saw the view of Byer's Peak. Good stuff.
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