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I am noticing huge price differences for certain x fusion forks and it is sooo tempting to purchase through some of these websites but you know what they say- of it seems too good it probably is...

Retailers that seem to offer these deals is either pro bike supply and q bikes. Anyone have experience? Are they legit?

The White Jeff W
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After my 2 month old Trace rl2 damper fell apart I was told by X fusion they dont warranty their products purchased from online retailers

F*** Xfusion
More info please. There's nothing about that in their warranty.

What is X-Fusion's warranty duration?
X-Fusion warrants all products to be from defects in materials and workmanship for two years from date of purchase. Terms and limitations apply. Refer to your user manual for the fine print.
What is X-Fusion's warranty policy?
X-Fusion will repair or replace, at X-Fusion's discretion, products determined to be of faulty materials or workmanship. An original purchase receipt is required to file a warranty claim. X-Fusion reserves the right to all final warranty decisions.
What items are excluded from the warranty?
Specifically, X-Fusion will not cover parts subject to normal wear and tear or routine maintenance, bushings and suspension fluids. Generally, X-Fusion will not cover non-X-Fusion replacement parts, abnormal strain, abuse or neglect, accident or collision damage, modified parts, improper maintenance, damages due to shipping, interior or exterior damage due to incorrect installation, crashes, foreign materials, seat post interference, incorrect cable mounting, service or repair by an unqualified technician or coil binding (Three turns of preload maximum on rear shocks).
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