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X-5, Ocean and back in one day!

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Cheapwhine and I finally did our "ultimate big ride” on our X-5's yesterday. 72 miles, home to ocean and back again, 7100’+ climbing, 7+ hours of rolling time, beau que calories.

Maybe Cheapwhine will post some photos when his saddle soreness alleviates. :)

We rode dirt when we could, but we don't know of an all-dirt Bay-to-Ocean route. For those familiar with the Bay Area, we went Canyon Trail, Russian Ridge, Portola Redwoods State Park, Pescadero, Pacific Ocean. Had to return via Alpine Rd. because the law made it very clear they didn't want us portaging the washed-out bridge in Portola Park, again.

We got more or less friendly nods from quite a few roadies out there in roadieville on the return grind (we failed to overtake any of them :) ). Must say, it was just weird to watch 70 miles click by on the odometer. I'm usually beer-well-in-hand before 35.

The X-5 is such a sweet ride, it made this long haul a pleasure, even if there is no way (in hell) this will become a standard trip for us.

Any others done the over and back on an MTB? Everyone should try it a least once, dontcha think? :)
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I always wanted to do that Skeggs to the Ocean and back but could never find anyone willing to do the trip. I did an epic road ride once....started at the Saratoga Gap road Hwy 9 to hwy 236 then onto Boulder Creek. Climbed Jaimison Creek rd to Empire Grade Road. Then Bonny Doon road to Hwy1. If you have ever ridden north on hwy 1 you will know the head wind is a killer. Then Pescadero to Alpine to hwy 35. It was a long ride I would almost compare it to the two times I did the Death Ride.

If you guys plan to do this ride again I would be up for it?
And I'm back!!

Here are a few graphics to illustrate the ride. It was a great day to be out riding and going a few new places. I missed a picture of the rangers removing (again) the plank across Pescadero Creek that was was taken out by a huge log jam that came crashing down the creek during one of the winter storms.

It was fun being one of the first people on the trail in the morning and one of the last in the evening. It was "Deja vu all over again."

1. Route map
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2. A brief respite at the half way point looking over the tide pools at Pescadero Beach
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3. Catching a little shade under a local tree.
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No matter how you slice it, riding 70 miles on 5 inches of travel is a BIG day. And it sounds like you fellas had a damn good time doing it...well done !

later, Chad

Myitch here. Cool you rode that far and on your X5 at that! That ride I did with you at ST must have been just way too little for you.


How's that 5 Spot working out for you? I'm selling mine. The bottom bracket is just too low for my taste.
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