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Wut parts you use?

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I'm building up a new bike and need sum help.
Wut is your favorite component group & why?
-FSA, Truvative, Race Face, Easton, Deity ect...
-bars, stems, seatposts, headsets, crancks ect...
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Answer Pro-Taper bars... Light, stiff, strong, 2" rise.
Thomson Stem... Light, stiff, strong, cool looking...
Profile cranks... bulletproof
Macneil seat/post... light, stiff, strong, simple, cool...
CK headset or FSA integrated headsets...
no gears
Magura disc braks... light, powerful, cool looking...
im building up a STP with all Truvative husseflet (cranks BB handlebar stem), X7 Drivetrain, Avid BB7 breaks...i just hope its as nice as it good luck with your build
for a street bike run saint. in particular the rear derailleur. ive smashed mine on so many ledges and sh!t and its still perfectly straight...i love it. xt cranks are fine, saint hubs, pike, sun MTX rims, holy roller tires, SIC bar and stem. cant go wrong
How many engagement points does the Saint hub have? is it a solid hook up?
the saint hub is 3pawl and it hooks up really really well. nearly instantaneously (sp?) yeah ir eally like the saint stuff for street. its alittle heavy but yeah definitely worth it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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