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Seems that my commute is 99% road so i was thinking of switching back to a hardtail. I've had the IH Warrior Elite for about 5 or 6 months. Never seen hard trail use. Has been trail ridden about 10 times, nothing major though.

I dont feel like im using this bike for what its worth/built. I'd like to get into a good hardtail with similar components.
IH Warrior Elite Specs can be found here :

Upgraded Parts: (Im a 250lbs. ox)
Rear shock to a Rock Shox Ario 2.x (?) Has dampening adjustment and lock-out.
Wheelset to Shimano WH-M765 (XT Level 24-Spoke) Tubless w/ Michelin Tires
Stem was swapped for Supergo/Performance DH Shorth OS unit
Bars were swapped to a Oversized Easton Bar
New Grips.
Egg Beaters Pedals

Bike is pictured w/ cyclometer and light which dont come with the bike. Pedals dont necessarily come w/ bike unless trade bike has eggbeaters...

Im located in Laguna Hills, CA. Open to straight trades, trades + cash, etc.
email [email protected] if interested

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