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I signed up for the BC Bike Race knowing full well it might get delayed and was banking on relatively good chances that the dates would still work out for me if it was. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

The new dates are October 2nd through the 8th, and it's in a new location with a new format as well (see details here). Looks amazing and I'm incredibly bummed that I won't be able to make it.

If you were to register now, the price would be $2245.99 CAD (registration + tax + processing fees), or roughly $1800 USD.

I'm looking to sell slightly below the registration price ($1500 USD) and will pay the $250 CAD transfer fee. This saves you around $300 and in the event that the race gets cancelled this year, you'll be able to use 75% of the original registration I paid (or around $1350 USD) as credit for registering next year.
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