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WTF? I broke my Banshee!

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I was about to change a flat so I could go ride, and discovered that the creak I heard yesterday was in fact not my bottom bracket. Sheesh.

The crack continues around the drive side pivot and the back of the seat tube, but I couldn't get any clear pics of it.

Anyways, Banshee's been cool thus far, considering I don't really have proof of purchase, and it sounds like I'm getting a complete new frame as opposed to just a main frame. They also said this is only the second broken Chaparral, which makes me some kinda tough guy.:D

Time to put the Super-T on the hardtail....


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That's the first broken Banshee I've ever seen or heard of....thats awesome that they're taking care of you so well though. Post some pics of the new one when you get it. :)
Only the ssecond broken one, thats wicked cool.
Wow, what he says, that sucks you had a problem, it's cool it will be settled asap. First banshee I've ever heard breaking... I have one myself and knock on wood have yet to destroy anything.
You are the F'n man and the Banshee boyz are the shite!

Enjoy your new fresh from Canada frame.

Viva la Banshee.
.WestCoastHucker. said:
zachdank broke his first scream........
Yeah, I remeber seeing pics somewhere of a Scream with a broken seatube - although not on a weld... and of course, Bender broke his at the Redbull as well.

Anyways, Banshee has already shipped a new frame to the shop. The whole warranty "process" took about an hour.

I'm leaving in two weeks to go on 5000 mile roadtrip, so hopefully the new frame doesn't get held up in customs or something. Eh?
Nothing like snapping a frame and getting a new one...
Congrats and good luck with the new frame.


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Looks like a bad weld to tell ya the truth. Good to hear they are taking care of ya.

Good luck on the new one!!!
VIA said:
Nothing like snapping a frame and getting a new one...
Yer one freaky looking dude, ya know that?:)
singletrack said:
Yer one freaking looking dude, ya know that?:)
I'll take that as a complement... thanks... ;)
Good to hear how quick they were and that it's only #2. I still want one.
Did you bottom your bike out much? When i owned a scream i developed a similar crack, but in my swingarm. I had some issues getting my shock spec right and a 900lb spring i bought through b-anshee was not made correct. I was having bottoming issues as a result of this bad spring. They took care of me ASAP. Ill say that banshee has been one of the best companies next to T-urner to work with. Glad to hear they are still keeping up with that top notch service!
oly said:
Did you bottom your bike out much?
Well, sure, a bike that's setup right will bottom from time to time. I only weigh 145, so I run my sh1t full-on squishy.
VIA said:
I'll take that as a complement... thanks... ;)
dam... :rolleyes:
900# sping and you were still bottoming?! Holy crap man how many tons do you weigh?
Banshee boys (and girls?) are awesome! Emailed them a question and they were really making an effort to help me out. No worries man - they care!
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