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WTB Vulpine tubeless setup - sidewall strenght?

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Hi all,

Has anyone tried running WTB Vulpine with Stans setup?

They don't have them as UST, just normal folded version.

Is the sidewall strong enough or does it cut to easily?

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Funny. I just mounted a set of vulpines on some stans arch rims. I am using the effetto cafelatex sealant. So far this is the worst tire I have ever tried to seal. The sidewalls were nearly white so much sealant was seeping through. In the morning, one tire had lost all of its air. Re-inflated and went for a ride today. Held pretty well but as I hit a gravel area near the house I heard a massive hissing and sealant started to spew out several spots in the sidewall. Eventually sealed but a lot of pressure escaped. Re-inflated the tires and they have held pressure since. So far the jury is out on the ability to run vulpines tubeless IMO.
I have decided to bail on getting these things to work. One tire is holding air fine on a stans arch rim. the other, while trying again to get an effective seal, blew the bead out of the rim. sounded like a huge gunshot. blew the wheel out of my hand and across the garage. it now has a tube and i won't be trying to seal that tire again.......
Thanks for the follow up
Found this post 'cause the jury's out for me also regarding a set of Vulpines running tubeless on Stan's Arch rims. One tire is great—zero leaks. The other? Seeping through the sidewalls...can't get it to seal. Added more sealant...still leaking.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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