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dompedro3 said:
I have seen a pair of 2.25 kevlar tyranoraptors for sale at what seems like a cheap price, but can't find any info on them, can anyone fill me in about these tires?
I rode a pair around 5 years ago, and was not impressed. They're large, yes, but also fairly heavy, the rubber is hard, and the tread is slow rolling. Today, there's lots of better options for high-volume tires, including plenty from WTB.

Even stranger, I remember a commuter bike on campus with a pair of these (I'm sure it was a commuter as I saw the rider arrive and depart every day for a few months). Maybe he was training - as the rolling resistance on pavement was very noticeable.

I did ride them off-road for a few weeks, until I sliced through the rear casing. I took that as an excuse to pitch them, and moved on to different meats.

So, I guess I'm trying to steer you away from them. Cheap's good, but I bet you can get much better for the same price.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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