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WTB seat question. Help!

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Hey guys I am wondering if anyone can tell me exactly what model this seat is and How much it is worth used? I know its the laser but is it the team or ti or what? Is this seat a good all around seat for street and off road? Thanks alot, Mike

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You sure the rail material isn't spelled out on the rails? Hard to tell from your photo...

Why don't you know what saddle this is? A saddle is pretty personal, it's value is how well it works for you for the most part...who wants a saddle with unknown asspects?
I was looking at buying it. I dont have it in front of me.
looks like the rail says Cro Mo in that 2nd pic, towards the front of rail nearest nose.
It is a Laser V Pro, but an older model than WTB currently shows on their site. Its a decent weight in spite of the cro-mo rails. I like mine. I might get another just like it.
Rangermike, some bike shops have a program where you can try WTB saddles before you buy them. Fizik also has a test program at some bike shops. I recommend giving the Fizik Airone a try as it is very popular with road cyclists and marathon mountain bikers.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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