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WTB Prowler SL - Any feedback?

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Looking for some new rubber. I'm currently running Ardents on Velocity Blunts on my Inbred 29er here in Western Massachusetts. The Ardents are worn and the cornering characteristics are greatly reduced - but overall I really like them. The Prowlers look like a good tread pattern and rubber compound for my needs. I'm not opposed to a tire with a bit less volume. I did some searching and didn't find much info regarding the Prowlers. Anyone have any feedback or info about these tires? Any info would be appreciated.

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I'm running them "backwards" on the rear of 2 hardtails and working well in all conditions that I've come across.....
I'm in Central CT, and the Prowler is merely OK.
After being thoroughly underwhelmed, I switched to a Nevegals for the Winter, and gnarlier stuff.
It's good in ideal conditions, but not that great when things get slimy.
Out here in central coastal California, a few of us consider this one of the best front tires for dry conditions, be it loose over hard, or rocky, or soft powdery soil. Factoring how it performs in terms of low rolling resistance, exceptional cornering traction, and excellent braking grab make it an under appreciated tire. It wears quickly on the rear, and does not seem to do anything well out back, in the same terrain.
i like it in the rear for my coastal Carolina pine stray trails.
I live in SWPA and have run this tire front and rear this year so far in all kinds of conditions: rocky, muddy, hardpack, loose over hardpack, pine needles, roots, just about anything but deep sand.

I think they're a great tire, and if you want more traction from the rear running it in reverse works really well, without really sacrificing its rolling characteristics.

The tire rolls quite well for the traction it gives and it really hooked up well for me even on wet roots (granted, body english was part of this) and would reach limits predictably.

My only beef was how fast they wear, though it isn't really a surprise given the rubber compound. If you ride a lot on rocks, they'll wear noticeably quicker. Pavement is even worse (they don't handle that bad on pavement either unless you're really pushing them) with regards to wear. I started this year on a fresh set and the rear probably has a few rides left (barring no pavement) and the front is about half worn.

I really wish WTB would come out with this tire in 2.3. Used as a Front, with a Crossmark out back would be a pretty fast but grippy setup.
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