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The good news - Wolverine and rim are now on the WTB website.

The bad news - both link to the 29er version, so specs are still N/A, at least via the site.

So far I have had good luck with the 26" Wolverine 2.2 on the back of my bike, but the ground has been frozen solid, so take that with a grain of salt...

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I am still waiting on the Wolverine 650B as well. here are some pics of the Wolverine mounted up on the 26 rear. My LBS says the tires are "In transit", which I am starting to think is via pack mule from the far east.

Just mounted up the Quasi Moto 2.0 last night, taking it for the first test ride today!

It's 54 and partly cloudy and dry, perfect for a test ride!

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