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Last year I was running a set of Rekon Race front and back on my HT for about 1000km mainly for commutes and road rides to work. I took them off and replaced them with a pair of Vittoria more suited for the job, so they sat around for about 6 months until I decided to use them on my new trail bike as 'day to day' tires'.

I did 2 rides, about 50km total, on hardpack, gravel and a few small rocks... and found this:

It seems on one I can see sealant leaking through a microscopic hole, but for the rest there is no puncture visible in the tire, nothing stuck in there, and no debris etc

It seems that Stan's is 'semi' doing it's job, but I am still losing about 5-10psi a day... or are these not punctures? Wondering what people think as I've never had this issue before. (When I have punctures I can usually see the cause, be it a thorn, flint or nail or something, and remove it. These holes are tiny)
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