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Write a letter to City of LA

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To tell the City of L.A. what you think of their Master Bike Plan. Visit to send a letter to the City.

Did you know it is illegal to ride a bicycle off-road in City Parks in Los Angeles?

In case you haven't been keeping track, the City's new Master Bike Plan is being updated. In 1996 there was language in the plan that recognized that mountain biking was growing in popularity, and there was a growing need for mountain bike accessible trails within City-owned property. The 1996 plan called for at least 8 trails be considered for opening to mountain bikes.

In the current draft of the new plan, that has been taken off the table, and instead recommends the City do further study to "determine the need" for mountain bike trails. We all know that mountain biking has seen steady growth since 1996, and the demand has also grown. We want the City to keep the recommendation for at least 8 trails in the current plan. We also want to see the City lift the City-wide ban on bicycles, and manage their parks and trails individually.

We'd also like them to consider designated Bike Parks as an option. Kids who can't drive to the mountains need somewhere to ride.

CORBA's official response is available at and click on the "see what else you can do" link. There's also a form letter you can put your name to and send to the City.

If you live in L.A. the City needs to hear from you. If you don't live in L.A. but support the idea of allowing bikes on designated trails in City parks, the City needs to hear from you. If you live in an area where hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers are able to share trails successfully, add a paragraph to the letter saying so.

The comment period ends on Jan 8th, but the sooner people get their letters in, the more likely they are to be counted.
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