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Wrist Pain

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Hey guys, another question regarding pain...

I'm getting wrist pain in my right hand.

I'm thinking it could be to do with having not much muscle in the wrist - HOWEVER, I am also under the impression that the very gemoetry of the frame and type of handle bar is also causing some problems.

The handlebar is pretty much straight, and dips down on either side very slightly. I have a feeling that this could be causing pain as my wrist does not sit straight.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I can post up a pic of the handlebar if you want.

I know there is an easy explanation for these things, but I'd rather know for sure why my body reacts in different ways to my cycling and bike.

BTW - that lower bike pain is pretty much gone. :D
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try bar ends for a while. i suggest the cane creek ergo's, the are soft and a 'friendly' shape.
it will give you another hand position while riding and take away some of the pressure put on your wrists - the likely source of the problem.
nogear is right about the bar really helps if you have the option of putting your hands in a different position. You can also try buying a cheap riser bar. If that stops your wrist pain, you can always buy a more expensive one. If it DOESN'T stop the pain, you're not out much money.
Not sure if its true or not but I was reading that if you arent sitting up straight enough and are really leaning on your bars with a lot of body weight that may hurt your wrist. I remember riding bmx I had handlebars with 9 degrees of backsweep and switched to 12 degrees and my wrists felt 100% better.
I recently injured my wrist and it got sorer even with minimal riding; it's been diagnosed as tendonitis. I've been wearing some Fox Static gloves with built in wrist wraps that help a lot. Aside from that sort of aid, there's a lot of variation in bar sweeps, both backward and upward angles; you might need to experiment to find the right bar for you (obviously it would be well worth a bit of expense to find something that would alleviate wrist pain/weakness).
Same general question here,but a little more specific:
I've been having wrist pain which is isolated to the outside (ulna) of the wrists after long rides.I know for a fact I'm putting too much weight in my hands,and am looking to change a few things.
Current applicable setup:
early '90s model Rockhopper full-rigid (to me,it's worth upgrading,so let's not debate that.)
-A fat,chunky Holy Roller on the front,for a little cushion on drops and stairs(don't plan on changing)
-Stock quill stem (Get threaded to threadless adapter?Higher stem with sharper angle? Don't feel like changing out the fork if it isn't necessary.I'm keeping it rigid for high speeds,low weight, and honing my skills)
-Stock straight bars with very little backsweep (Would risers with more back/upwards sweep cure the pressure/pain on the outside of the wrists?Would 2" rise be excessive for non-downhill,urban freeride/death roadie applications?Would bar ends be a better option?Is there a FUNCTIONAL disadvantage to using bar ends on risers[I don't care if it doesn't look "cool"]?)
-Stock headset (Would I need to get another headset assuming that the outside diameter of the threaded/threadless adapter post is the same diameter as the current quill stem?)
Not trying to 'jack this thread...just thought that it pertained to the same subject and may address some of the original poster's problems.
Thanks for any input and advice
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Didn't mean to scare people away from this thread with all the questions,my bad.For the record,ya don't have to answer ALL of them, just wanted to throw all possible remedies out there for the sake of diverse answers.Thanks again for any help
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