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WP: Caribou, Strawberry Creek, & High Lonesome?

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The past two years I have been doing some half-hearted exploring of the off-resort Winter Park trails on the east side of 40. I have kicked around on the dirt roads around Meadow Creek Reservoir and ridden the High Lonesome trail from the Devil's Thumb trail to Junco Lake a few times.

Last weekend I rode some of the Columbine Lake trail, High Lonesome heading north from Junco Lake, Caribou, and Strawberry Creek back to 84 -- I think. While the trail names sound good in actuality I was lost and spent most of the day looking hopelessly at my map and wondering if I would make it out of the wilderness before night fall.

Anybody out there with first-hand knowledge of this area who might be able to help me figure out where I was?
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