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Me & my boy are back in my hometown for the weekend, staying at my parents house. I brought the bike along to check out some of the local riding scene, but he has my truck today so I'm limited to the area close to the house.

I remembered a dirt path thru a nearby woods where we used to have keg parties when I was in high school (25 years ago) so this morning I set of in search of it figuring it was better than nothing.

i figured worst case would be that it had been forgotten and reclaimed by the forest. Best case would be about a mile of relatively flat, straight, smooth single track. Not exactly Moab but again, better than nothing. I started probing the edge of the woods and spotted a gap in the trees. Yup, that's it. I noticed fresh motorcycle tracks so I'm thinking 'yay'!

It started off pretty much as i remembered, smooth, flat & fast. About a half mile in it narrowed considerably and started getting a little more interesting. Up a small hill, down the other side with a narrow stream crossing at the bottom followed by a fairly gnarly up hill climb. Sweet! i'm thinking to myself. :)

Up the hill & around a bend the trail branched off in three directions. Straight ahead, down the hill to the left & up to the right. i stayed straight & soon found myself climbing a brutal hill. made it about half way but had to push the rest. Motorcycle trail for sure. At the top it leveled off for a bit then started back down. Along that stretch were several large water bars and a couple small jumps followed by an almost too steep to ride downhill that ended back at the three way split.

Took the left fork down a long steep hill that ended with a stream crossing at the bottom followed by another long uphill climb, this time double track. Looked like a Jeep or something had been thru there recently. That ended at the top in someone's back yard so I turned around & found a couple other trails branching off of that.

i spent the better part of three hours exploring this area before succumbing to a lack of water. I didn't expect a long ride so i left the camelback at home, but what a joy to find this spot when I was expecting very little!
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