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WOW - Has this happened to anyone

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Was out riding today as we do.... We have had some rain, I always like to ride down this long log skinny that goes down the hill... Have fallen off before, so wasnt unusual to fall off today.. ;)

However, a piece of wood got stuck in my shock spring, of which popped out the cap that the spring seats in (cant think of the name). See the photo..... Has this happened to anyone, no biggie but am surprised that this happened, bet it would be hard to replicate it happening again....

The wood in the spring area, note the missing cap I mentioned... ;)

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thats weird
good thing it was your shock and not your leg....weird>
I had a stick go through my pedal, through my shoe, between my big toe and second toe and out through the top again...never once touching skin. I couldn't figure out why my shoe was moving around as I was pedalling until I looked down, the stick wasn't even sharp and had a rough broken top. Seen a stick go flying into the air while riding behind my buddy once go directly into my derailleur, good thing I wasn't pedalling at the time or it would have sheared it right off.

I am not surprised by weird stuff happening on the trail due to errant sticks anymore, but yours rates right up there on the weirdshitometer as a 8 or 9.:cool:
What makes me think is the chance of that happening again.... The bike was making such an odd noise as I rode down the hill, LOL, well it would with the shock spring grinding on the shock bolts....
Couple of months ago I was JRA and my fork locked out. My fork did not have a lock out. The same time the fork was compressed a rock lodged between the arch and the stanchion and it stuck. Left some pretty good damage on the stanchion trying to get it out.
That hasn’t happened to me, but I did have a rather odd (and somewhat spectacular) crash about 13 years ago.

I was riding down some smooth singletrack below some power lines at a good clip for a slight downhill; probably about 18mph. Quite abruptly, I found myself going over the bars, but this was different than the normal trip over the bars: the bike wasn’t coming with me. It was more like I found myself doing a Superman through the air.

As I started to pick myself up a little confused but unhurt from the ejection I’d just suffered, I started trying to piece together what happened. My clues: a stick and a skid mark.

On one side of the trail sat my bike – right about where it kicked me off. On the other side of the trail was a y-shaped stick about 16” long. On the trail between the two was a skid mark, about 18” long, leading up to a root that was crossing the trail.

I’m sure the odds on this happening were far worse than a million to one. As I rode down the trail, something, perhaps my front wheel, caused the y-shaped stick to flip up and become lodged between my downtube and the trail (the ‘y’ end straddled the downtube while the single end stuck in the ground). The stick was perfectly happy to go along for the ride, slowing me imperceptibly, until, of course, it met the root. Because of the length of the stick, when it caught the root it suddenly stopped my bike’s forward momentum and turned it into rotation. My body’s momentum, however, was left for the ground to deal with a brief moment later.

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I placed it there... be aware! I am everywhere!!
Yep odd placement of sticks is a *****. I was leading out cross country running races a few months back and during one of the last heats I rode over the end of a stick about an inch or so in diameter and about ten inches long. It flipped right up and lodged itself in the spokes abruptly stopping the wheel once the stick met the fork. Flipped me over the bars in front of about 20 or so college women racers. Slightly embarrassing to say the least.

Years ago I had a stick shear off a rear derailleur about ten minutes into a maiden ride.
Sticks are dangerous and have no place in the woods.
Gasp4Air said:
Sticks are dangerous and have no place in the woods.
I lol'd :lol:
Gasp4Air said:
Sticks are dangerous and have no place in the woods.

is it you who has been picking up all the sticks from my trails? If you cannot ride the trails as is, it does not mean you can sanitize them for the rest of us!

I hear getting a stick in the spokes happens ... but in the shock?:skep: :eekster:
Gasp4Air said:
Sticks are dangerous and have no place in the woods.
I must say that made me guffaw pretty heartily.
ilostmypassword said:
How bizzare!

Some mad stuff at Woodhill eh Whafe :)
Loads of interesting stuff at Woodhill ;)
I had a low-flying flag unfurl itself as I was riding past (years ago outside a bike rental place) and get caught in the drivetrain. Had no idea what happened...just remember picking myself up off the ground. Pretty random.
sticks are such a PITA in the trails we ride on...... I can clean them off today and there will be just the same ammount there tomorrow........
Where there is sticks there are trees and trees are awesome..... Us bikers need trees :)
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