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PimpinD said:
A weight weenie?

Sub 25lb 2008 Giant Trance X2?

Started at over 29lbs.
Congrats on shaving the weight and spending the dough.:thumbsup:

As long as you consider it what you want, that's all that is important. Without pictures and a full build list, it's hard for anyone here to answer you question. I would imagine a true weight weenie build of the Giant Trance X2 would include lighter wheels, lighter brakes, lighter rotors, lighter cranks, lighter post/saddle/clamp, lighter bars/stem, lighter grips, lighter shifters/levers, lighter tires, lighter pedals than the stock X2. Obviously, you've trimmed a good chunk already. It's after that first chunk where it starts to get expensive and involves giving in to the dark side....:D

Post up photos and your build list.

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Ha. Well im skiing in Vail, Colorado right now. Picture will have to wait. I will throw around the build list for both bikes we are working on:

25.00 lbs
2008 Giant Trance X2
Stock Fox Fork
Stock Fox Shock
Stock Frame

Avid Ultimate f/r 160mm rotors
XTR Front Derailleur
XTR Medium Cage CF Rear Derailleur
XTR 970 Cassette
XTR Rapid fire shifters
XTR Chain
Race Face Next Crank w/ XTR BB
Mavic SLR Crossmax wheels
Conti Flow UST tires
Race Face Next Low riser bar
Race Face Next Seat post
Race Face ODI grips
Crank Brother Egg beater C
...for the most part it is done...possible lighter tires and lighter pedals

2007 Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxe
27.00lbs without the new wheels on...

Race Face Next Low Rise Bar
Race Face Next seat post
XTR front derailleur
Conti. Flow UST Tires / tubeless
??Garmin 705?? ha

Wheelset is ordered and parts are arriving at he LBS as i type..
Chris King Hubs, DT Swiss Super butted Spokes, Mavic 817 UST Rims

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personally, i think a few things a bike must have to be considered a True HxC WW build.

1.a road front deraileur, on double cranks.
2.foam/silicone grips.

these are some things that show you did it for the weight, and its not just a expensive bike. there are many more things like this, but im going to bed, got fire dept training in 6 hours.

or you can just drill everything like tiffster!:D ;)
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