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Worth upgrading?

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So, I've just started cycling again after a few years, and have dusted off my old Gary Fisher Mamba. I think it is circa 2000. It's not been upgraded in any way apart from a rack put on the back.

I'm never going to be a hard core MTB'er, and the bike will probably be used more for my daily commute, plus the odd weekend ride over the South Downs.

I love the frame, it still looks almost good as new.

Is it worth my while upgrading the components on the bike with a view to buying a lighter frame in the future?

Advice please.
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from my own personal experience, i would say that it really depends on whether you factor disc brakes into the equation of upgrading and whether your current frame / forks have disc brake mounts.

If you dont want discs, then yes, it can be worth upgrading the componenty to get nicer parts and wheels.

If you do intend to use disk brakes and the frame cant handle it, then sometimes, it would be worth teh jump to a complete new bike with the discs already there.

I have an old fisher frame and the only thing thats left is the frame . . . but my biggest bug bear has been the lack of a disc mount on the rear. So finally, i've just bought a second hand Klein frame with a rear disc mount to address this issue.
I say "Naahhh". If anything, maybe semi-slick tires. Better for the commute and still a little bit of grip for mild MTBing. The semis will make it a bit easier gettingthe commute overwith with less effort.
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