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Worth the $$$$$?

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I'm upgrading an 80mm 2003 Manitou Skareb (no platform; limited adjustmentability) mounted on a 2003 Epic (180 lb XC rider) to a 100mm fork and was leaning toward the 2006 Reba Race for $379. The reba forks seem to get generally good reviews for stiffess, beefyness, and durability.

I've also read favorable reviews of the Fox 100RLT, but Chri$t, it's ~$250 more than the Reba.

Anyone have experience with both forks? Is the Fox woth the extra $$$?
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DirtDummy said:
Is the Fox woth the extra $$$?
I don't think it is.

The Reba rides great, is more adjustable than the Float, and cost less. What more do you want to know?
Any recommended 100mm coil forks without large weight penalty?
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