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Worth is to give up the gears?

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I just bought my new Azonic Steelhead, and i am debating wheather or not to make is SS. I just do free ride, dj's, and the OCCASIONAL xc/mtn riding. What are the advantages/disadvantages (besides the obvious) Thanks.
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A buddy of mine has his Steelhead set up ss style.
get a loooong Thom_son 410mm seatpost and you'd get enough to get a decent climbing position.
do it
I just love the simpleness of SS. No gears to break or care about. Just GO!

You gotta try it, otherwise you'll never know. Its a ***** at first, but I think it takes you to a whole 'nother level.
I've been SSing for 2 months and found out that I have been missing out on a lot. I now date supermodels and am super rich. Just kidding but it rocks.
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