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setting up my commuter bike with a better rack and bag set up so I can commute more this year. About an 11 mile cycle each way. Easy grade on bike path, gain about 500 feet elevation overall north, descend home (usually against headwind both ways due to daily thermals).

Here is the bike with an insufficient rack that needs to be replaced.

I need suggestions for a good rear rack and bag set up that will accept a 15" MacBook Pro, related files, and work clothes.

Here is one rack I was considering, BikePakmart - Ibera PakRak Bicycle Touring Carrier Plus+ IB-RA5 (with disk brake mounts)Frame-mounted for heavier top & side loads

The Avenir Metro Panniers was one bag I was considering. Thoughts?, suggestions piease?

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due to the quickness with which my last laptop was destroyed, I moved over to this...

Ear Product Machine White-collar worker Strap

(that is just a stock photo, not actually me) It's a great pack, though a bit pricey. I just couldn't afford to lose another laptop (college at the time, graphic design major.) so it was worth it. they (Boblebee) make a laptop case too. but I'd strongly suggest investing in armor for your laptop when investing in this.
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