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Word of caution...Spark DT Nude

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First off this thread is not to bash or put down the DT Nude shock in any way, I just want to give other users a heads up. I have an 07 Spark that is my only bike, gets a ton of use, and is raced 10-15 times a year. Starting a week ago, the shock started to make a sqeaking noise that I hadn't heard before. I didn't think too much of it since it's been awefully wet around here lately and figured I would put a drop of low viscosity lube around the barell and move on. Well to cut to the chase, within a couple days, the shock isn't holding air. I'm losing about 1psi a minute when it's fully loaded, this tapers down as the pressure comes down to about a 20 psi average per hour over a few hours (basically, unrideable unless you want to stop very frequently to top it off). After quite a few calls around to various Scott and non Scott dealers the shock has to go back to DT for service and I'm looking at about a 2 week turnaround (best case) between shipping and service work before I'm back up and running. Being mid season this is an unfortunate and stressful inconvenience. The word of advice that I'd like to pass on to other users of this shock is keep up with your preventative maintenance and have this shock serviced in the offseason annually. When it goes, it goes and you'll be out of luck.
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When stuff breaks or fails it's not going to happen during the off season while the bike is not in use. It always happens when you're enjoying using it. If you rely on having a bike that works (for racing) then you should have a backup bike, or a cheaper way to go would be to have a backup shock. Or, if you can get your hands on a rebuild kit, they are easy to rebuild. I have a backup bike but since you posted this thread I plan on getting a rebuild kit to be at the ready. I hate sending my stuff out because you can usually count on being out of commission about a month.
Check the search, perhaps in the Ibis forum. There's someone that recently posted his repair experience with his DT Carbon shock.
Don't know if this option appeals to you, but I picked up a used Fox RP23 from ebay for less than 200 dollars. My reason was a bit different though, as I could never find the sweet spot with the nude shock, and wanted a set it and forget it system. Personally I am much happier with the RP23, although there is no lockout(not important to me). I guess its a matter of how important the time factor/lost races are to you. A back-up shock is a nice option to have.
No, not at all. A number of guys that have Sparks really like the lockout system with the DT Nude. Its not something I care about, and was perfectly willing to live without a true lockout. I'm saying the cost of a new shock may be worth it if he stands to miss good riding weather or some important races.
Maybe some don't want to bash this shok but Iwill. It's a cheap piece of crap. Mine failed to change platforms within two weeks after I got the bike. I had to send it to DT Swiss and was down for three weeks. We've just gone through winter and the bike sat most of it but I notice the shok was out of air. I pumped it up and when I got close to 150 psi the pump blew off the valve. The threads broke on the valve. I manage to get air in the shok but not enough and it keeps losing air. The bike barely has a scratch on it because it seen so little use and this just shouldn't be happening to a shok in a case like this. I think to aquire the lightness DT Swiss forgot one step which is to harden the metal. It just seems like a very soft metal. Anyway, I'm now shopping for a Fox RP23. I'n not going to trust this shok anymore.
Has anyone already tried the new M210 on a Spark? Has platform, is affordable and twinloc-compatible. Consider it as a replacement for my Nude.
actually scott has a turn around of like 24 or 48 hours on shocks. check it out
I've had excellent success with DT Swiss in Colorado. I had my 07 shock back for upgraded seals and recieved it back the same week I sent it out. About 24 hours for service and a few days shipping. It doesn't get any better than that.
Just want to put something out there on the whole rebuilding situation for those that think fox is it. My buddy had his RP2 shock rebuilt at the end of last season, about end of october an it took 6 weeks to get it back. 2 weeks is alot better than 6. just thought I'd throw that out there
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