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Picking up my '06 Rockhopper Comp Disk tonight! Woot!!!

Im wondering if i should worry about getting into the clipless scene right away... I am new to riding and i do not know what would be best!! As far as gears goes so far i have ordered a camelbak that is on the way. I have various athletic shorts that i can wear... also i am going to get a new shiney helmet tonight ( not sure what kind). anything else i should look for? i guess i heard i need a tool and some extra tubes and a pump?
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Ask your shop they will set you up, hopefully without killing you but things you need for the trail are:

Helmet, tube, patch kit, tire levers, multi tool, air source(pump or c02), you said camelbak but for shorter rides(and longer ones for a sports drink) a cage and a couple of bottles wouldnt be bad to have too

Learn how to ride for a month or so then get some pedals and shoes.
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