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The Ray's Angels Women's Weekend at Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park will be February 19-21, 2010. Free clinics will be available for riders of all skill levels. This is a great opportunity for ladies to learn from some of the best female riders and coaches at one of the Midwest's most popular winter indoor riding locations.

On Friday, February 19th, Ray's will be reserved for the ladies...but we're leaving the Rhythm Room open for the STAG party (that means for the fellas). Saturday and Sunday will be open to all, but women are welcome for 1/2 price! Put your knew skills to the test and show the guys how it's done!

Pre-register by February 1st to get your FREE Ray's Angel's Women's Weekend t-shirt! Go to for more info and a link to register.

This is a great opportunity for beginner riders to learn new skills and gain confidence that will carry over to the trail.

Click here for more info and and to register.

or join us on Facebook for lots of great information. Keep an eye out for updates on all of our coaches at the 2010 event!

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