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Women's Adventure Race Clinic, Marin CO, 6/20 - 6/21

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June 20-21, Marin County, Northern California
San Francisco, CA is proud to launch our first women's adventure racing event
designed to introduce female athletes to the sport in a fun and
relaxed environment and offer experienced racers the opportunity to
take their skill set to the next level. Join baarbd and our elite
partners for a weekend of fun, community and learning!

We have partnered with Luna Chix, Big Blue Adventure Series, AR Nav
Supplies, and Sea Trek to bring you experts in each discipline to
teach you the skills you need to do an adventure race - skills that
will be put to use at the grand finale of the event; a practice
adventure race! In addition to our partners, the 'Babes event also
supports two very important female-focused non-profit organizations:
the Breast Cancer Fund and Project Athena, with a portion of the
proceeds donated to their causes.

Since everyone loves dessert, we've added some icing to the cake
including discounted Ellsworth Project Pink Bicycles and a SPECIAL
GUEST to be announced soon!

The event is open to women participants - anyone is welcome to
spectate or volunteer!

Check out the details at

On the fence? Learn more about the event and adventure racing at an
AR101 session at a local Bay Area REI or Sports Basement Store.

Race on!
Jen & Galen
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Rad. Race on! Hope the success of baarbd arbabes race encourages more events in the future!
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