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Hey Guys,

Pass this on, we need to nail this guy and stop him before it goes too far!
Never mind I want my 300.00 for 2x new tires back!
I hope we can nail him quick before this gets messy.

A few of us hit Woosley, parking at the turnout (by the top) you always park at. We did the usual coast down and entered the Driveway at usual spot. The last person waiting to make a run down the wall ride when a Pick-up truck skidded up to him..... this guy was very Irate drive (not a resident of that properties on the dirt lane). After his brief screaming tantrum, he claimed, " Woosley Cyn. Rd. IS HIS ROAD AND NO BICYCLIST OR JOGGER HAS A RIGHT ON IT!!!!!!!"
Basically quoting the signage down below on Woosley. As the bike rider made and an attempt to calm him and get more info on him, he ground his gears into reverse and spun the tire out backing up blindly onto Woosley and up the hill he went. His last word he yelled were " If I SEE YOU ON MY ROAD AGAIN I'LL RUN YOU OVER!!!! " I have no idea where he came from or what provoked him, but he was pissed we ran over his Dog! But I do suspect he have a few drink to fire him up like that?

Getting back up to the Jeep an hour or so later we found a low front tire. Hoping the best that he just let some air out of the tire to let us know he was there.............Well the results from the tire shop was 6-10 ( Icepick type ) piercing per tire thru the sidewalls of both the driverside tires and 300.00 for 2x tires. As we know a tire sidewall letting go would be very back anytime(could have also been his thoughts?

This guy is about 35- 45 years old?? Full Size Chevy 1/2 - 3/4 ton P/U Truck, Burgundy colored w/ a matching Shell on.
Film Industry sticker in the driveside windshield and personal Lic. plate....starting with? FIL or FLI .

we need some info and If someone spots where he lives......... I don't think he's done, as I'm not. Filing a report with the Sheriff office on Sunday.

no retaliation because he might start breaking windows or worse...hit someone.....just need info right now
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