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Wolf Ridge weight loss

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I'm pretty pleased with my Wolf Ridge, but the drag on climbs is proving to be tiresome.

I've already changed the seat, post and swapped the Blaze cranks for Stylos and am going to switch the Pike 409 forks for my 454 airs, but where else can I save some weight? I'd love to get it as close to 30lbs as possible, apparently it's been done.

Has anyone else managed it?
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Just the stock Kendas. I've experimented with going ghetto tubeless on the back which has improved the rolling resistance a tad, but it's still heavy going.
WTB Rocket saddle w/ Ti rail and XTR crankset.
Concentrate on your wheels/tyres first; this rotational weight is where you will feel the most difference in weight. Def. go tubeless, and consider a lighter rim and spokes. The kenda tyres are very draggy as well, maybe go for some schwalbes or a faster kenda (SB8 maybe?) or Maxxis
a faster rear tyre would work. I am currently running a fast rolling rear tyre combined with the nevegal 2.35 at the front. Should give it a little extra speed.
How did you get on with this? I've some mavic rims laced onto HOPE hubs that i'm considering converting to.try and lighten my 'Ridge.
I've swapped the wheels over and built up a pair of Hope Bulb / Mavic 719s which has liberated a fair amount of weight. I've swapped to a Thomson post & stem, Charge Spoon saddle, Stylo cranks, a Joes No Tubes kit, Candy pedals, Small Block Eight tyres and have seen the weight drop to circa 30lb.

Not bad going I think!
Wolf ridge at 30lbs is a stud!:thumbsup: Still has the big bike feel and climbs like a billy goat.

When you want to try some different tire, checkout Maxxis DHF, 2.35, maxxpro 60a. It's fairly light, rails corner, great forward bite, and rolls fast. I am running it as a tubeless setup on 819 with Stans goo. I think WR deserves bit more tenacious grip than what small block can offer without losing too much rolling resistance.
16KG Wolf here and i ride up and down everything on it. The 1050g 2.4 Rubber Queens are porky- but ride so so nice! I'd just build up your legs and saves alot of cash!

I've just come back from a MTB trip and rode 7 days out of 8......and the gears get you up and then it is time to light the fuse and retreat :D An amazing bike! I just wish that the bearings would stop coming loose!

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ilostmypassword said:
I just wish that the bearings would stop coming loose!
Sweet looking WR! My black WR hasn't looked that clean since I built it up. Black ano shows every dust.

I don't have a bearing coming loose issue but I got something going on with the dropout area. When I take a good size drop, I hear a very loud "CRACK"...not "creak". Can't seem to figure out what is causing it.

Swapped the wheelset and same thing. Swapped the rear dropout to QR version (same as MV) and no change. Torque the crap out of the dropout bolts and still there. It almost sounds like my rear end of the frame is snapping in half but I can't find the culprit. I had this sound from day one. Very loud "crack" is heard when doing drops but faint "crack" can be heard when I am standing on the crank to ride over a technical obstacle. Anyone had a similar issue?
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