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I moved to Wisconsin this last spring from far South Africa. I had made mention of South Africa in a previous thread

BotanicBiker asked me in that thread,

"What's the biggest difference between S. Africa and Wisconsin "

I like it more. South Africa has great riding. But allow me to give the reasons why I like Wisconsin better.

Less aggresive ungulates on the trails.
Super place to take a novice. S. Africa is not for the new rider.
Shorter Horns and Antlers. (remember this is my review, others may rather have long antlers)
White-tailed Deer! I was like a kid at the amusement park going on his favorite ride over and over again.
The terrain. Hardly any dusty conditions on the trails, and that after a month with very little rain. And though there are the rocks, it isn't all rock, so that if you do crash, you may not have to deal with some nasty gash or be eaten by a lion. Also you aren't that concerned that you are going to slash your tires and get run over by a cape buffalo.
SHADE. I was there with temps in the 80's, and dew points in the 50's. It was wonderful not to have the sun blazing down on you.

WI is the jewel of Midwest off road riding. Well worth the drive. Some of the riding reminded me of Cape riding in the fall, the lower elevation of the velt and some of it reminded me of riding in Tsitsikamma. No, there aren't any large predators or miles and miles of thorns like the velt has, but as I said, you don't have to climb for miles and miles while being stalked by a cheetah. But even though the climbs are short, you are rewarded to some great flow going back down.

Makes a MTB trip to Wisconsin seem so safe a cuddly compared to home!
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