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Winter Underland

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(my turn!:D )

First Airwreck said something about Ice and rocks, and I ripped on him(out of climate envy). So Saturday, Mutha nature took up AW's side and lowered the temps to a reptile unfriendly 31 degs... Determined not to eat my words I rode out anyway. :eek:

I was greeted by phantom ground, where the observable surface is actually an inch above the supportable one:

It's cool th have your tires sink into it. it's like riding on frozen rice crispies. Slow as heck too.

Not to be undone, Nature made it's own knobbies

and like the undead, the ice rose up out of the ground to wreak it's revenge upon the ignorant lizard:

Winter's Mushrooms:

Echo's of the Fall:

I'm gonna have fun washing this one through the pixolator :thumbsup:

Jack Frost's Linoleum:

Now we all know 31 degs isn't really all that cold. I had a great ride. And cought one last glimpse of the sun just for XCG ;)


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Crazy cool pics. I like your choice of wheel too :cool:
Nice work on the pics and the ride Lizard-man. How cold is 31 degrees in real money? (I did search and look in the FAQ but it wasn't there, honestly).
I hear you on the phantom top surface...BTW you should have started when the gnar core did - we did fresh cut in Ringwood at 8:30 this morning - it was 25 degrees. There were at least 10 cars in lot C when we arrived and TOS people were parking on the side of the road cos the lot was full.
You do have sunsets back east! Whodathunkit? I bet all that ice is just Photoshop. :D By the way, I have the same camera as you and it's always a pleasure to see you taking great shots with it.
the pic quality is really nice. Mind if I ask what camera you used?
Canon PS SD700 IS + Photoshop Elements 6 to tweak it a bit.
All the Canons take great shots though. Good prices too.
Was fattyb there to explain the glaciers??? ;)
geolover said:
Was fattyb there to explain the glaciers??? ;)
Pththththth! :D
it's echoes

Nice pix!

We (finally) had some rain today. About time.
Bikezilla said:
Canon PS SD700 IS.
time to sell the sd400. those pics are insane!
To echo some other drivel,

Make sure you get the SD900 that one has the spell check. :rolleyes: :D
cactuscorn said:
time to sell the sd400. those pics are insane!
Maybe for me too CC, I've got the same older model.

Great pics Zilla. It's that cold here in the PNW as well all week supposedly...
good call! how much more is that?
geolover said:
Was fattyb there to explain the glaciers??? ;)
:lol: - HA - nice one! I'm sure if I was I would be making up some dribble...

I did the early morning 22degree ride and stayed mainly on wood :thumbsup:
That thin layer of ice over the fall leaves is beautiful. Nice eye BZ!
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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