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Last winter I fought leaks when it was below about 15 degrees that just wouldn’t seal enough for riding very far. I was running some Stans in a tubeless fat bike. I’m wondering what sealant to get that work better in cold weather?

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Stans works fine. I mix my own that is very similar. Still works well in the -F temps. Around -20 or so it tends to freeze to the tire, but when it gets warmer again it goes liquid again. I went out when it was -10 and punctured my tire on purpose to see if it would work. You could add in a little more RV anti-freeze to the mix if you are worried. My mix is slightly green due to the antifreeze and automotive slime (which also contains glycol) that I use.

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Rode with this stuff in the Iditarod.

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Not to pick nits, but? Stans?

I think you meant, Stans USED, to work fine.

It's been the most underperforming sealant available for a bunch of years now. Anyone having issues with sealing anything beyond a pin prick, setting up tires initially, wet sidewalls, deteriorating sidewall rubber, excessive consumption rates, etc, that I've dealt with, Stans has been the product in use.

Since switching to Orange Seal, all that stopped, and it works like Stans used to work. Which, honestly, was great, and all you could ask for in a sealant, so why they screwed with a great thing is beyond my pay grade.

Another vote for the Sub Zero for winter, sorry for the soapbox moment, but I've not heard anyone use, "works" and "Stans" inthe same sentence in easily 5+ years since the switched up their formula (which they deny doing, of course).

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It's the best stuff going for winter in the northern hemisphere.
Agreed. Orange Seal Sub Zero works as advertised. I used it all last winter and so did my daughter. Temps as low as minus 30c. Not a single issue, during the course of more than 50 solid mountain rides.

It's the only sealant all the guys at my LBS use (even though they have all major brands on hand). That speaks volumes to me.
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